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      Have played with it for several days. Not bad but not great. Without a Monte Carlo function it suffers greatly and may mislead the audience it is aimed at. It also assumes the user has a great deal of information about their investments, pensions and Social Security. I guess for people who use phones as their primary computer tool it is better than nothing but it will not supplant a true calculator like FireCalc.

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      Thanks for the feedback. We appreciate the time you invested. This is an initial release, targeted at mobile devices. Some of the capabilities you mention are either planned or already in the works for future releases.

      I’ve written extensively on the tradeoffs between Monte Carlo, historical, and average return analysis. After all is said and done, I’m not sure that simple average return (as used in this initial release) isn’t the best starting point for most people, most of the time.

      While we also plan to do a better job with user guidance (documentation, wizards, etc.), it is not possible for anybody to prepare an accurate retirement plan without a great deal of information on investments, pensions and SS. We do offer some important features that FIRECalc lacks including unlimited financial events and detailed federal tax calculations.

      Thanks again for the testing.

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