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      I am struggling with the app. I bring up the cash flow page and there is an anomaly such that $600,000 is dumped into my cash “bucket” a year after my planned retire date.
      Is there a way I can share all my data so someone very familiar with the app can help.

      I guess I am also requesting a way to save a “configuration” such that I can just email a file and you can load it into your app on your phone.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.


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      Hi Blair, sorry for the slow response, we’re on holiday hours. The Log report documents every transaction in the simulation, so if you scroll down in it to the EVENTS section of the year in question after your retire date, you should be able to spot where that $600K is coming from.

      If you still can’t identify it, we will try to take a look. You can email your report data to support@ekorau.com by tapping the Envelope icon at the top of the Reports page. (Just understand that we will try to identify and fix any errors on our part, but we can’t offer financial planning or modeling advice.)

      The ability to import/export scenario files is high on our task list for the coming month. Thanks!

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      Thanks darrowk. The log report was helpful.

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