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      We are planning a 1.1 release of Pro before the end of the year to include these improvements/features:

      • improvements to editing of asset classes
      • user-defined account withdrawal order
      • improvements to navigation between editing and reporting
      • additional data columns in the Cash Flow report
      • improvements to scrolling in the Cash Flow report
      • improvements to scrolling in the Log report
      • fixes/improvements to the Log report content/formatting
      • context-sensitive help
      • miscellaneous minor bug fixes

      Some of these changes should trickle out over the next several weeks in intermediate releases that will be posted on the Play Store…

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      The Pro 1.03 release, up on the Google Play Store now, is a significant step towards 1.1 and adds these enhancements:

      • context-sensitive help: (?) takes you to topics for the current screen
      • new FIND bar: calculate and see result anywhere in the app, long-press jumps directly to Reports
      • asset class editing: asset classes are now user-editable in place, you can change investment returns without having to create new ones
      • Cash Flow report: new Social Security and RMD columns, modest improvements to readability/scrolling
Viewing 1 reply thread
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